Is Mobile Grooming Right for Me?

Stress free environment


Looking for a stress free environment? Look no further! We offer one on one attention to every pup! Mobile grooming  is able to make grooming a more pleasant experience for those pups that easily get stressed or car sick. No more long wait times with your pup sitting in a kennel or crate! Most grooms take 1-2 hours, start to finish! 

convenience, we come to you!


Our grooming trailer is 100% self-contained with its own fresh water, a/c and heat, power, and spacious interior. Only thing  that we need is a place to park and access to your pup. We even offer latch key services for clients who aren’t able to be home. 

one on one personal attention


Every pet is different and unique, and so are their needs. We customize every grooming session to what your pet needs. Have a question about what would be best for your pup? We'd be more than happy to show and explain what we recommend is best for your pup. 

Contact Us

Please fill out the New Client form and send a recent picture of your pup to 757-807-8176 in order to schedule an appointment. Please allow 1-2 business days for a reply since we do not answer our phone while grooming or driving to provide every pup with one on one attention and for safety. Please keep in mind we are booked up 1-4 weeks depending on the area and schedule requested. We are booking up very quickly and only have a limited number of spots available to get on our regular schedule. 





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We will be closed from Friday June 28th through Monday July 8th. We will not answer or reply to any messages while we are closed. We will get back to you as soon as possible once we re-open, thank you!